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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend camp?

Children between the ages of 6-18 that have sunstained serious burn injury can attend the Delaware Burn Camp.

What activities are offered at camp?

A variety of special activities are offered to meet physical and special needs of burn survivors. These include: Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Movies, Dancing, Archery, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Arts and Crafts, and more!

What does it cost to attend the camp?

There is no charge to attend the burn camp. All charges for camp are covered by the Delaware Burn Camp and there is no charge to the camper's family despite their income.

What if my child has special medical needs?

Nursing staff will be in attendance at the camp. Medications can be administered. Special needs, if identified will be met.

Who staffs the burn camp?

The burn camp is staffed by nurses, firefighters, volunteers, professional, and non-professional people from around the state. These are caring individuals with an interest in helping others.

How can I volunteer to help?

Contact us and fill out a volunteer application. We are always looking for volunteers to help out in many capacities.

I know a child that could attend camp

We are very aware that there are young burn survivors that are unaware of our special camp. We need your help to find these kids so that we can offer them the experience of burn camp as well. If your child, or you know of a child that would benefit from attending the burn camp, please contact our staff and let us know.